How to get free Instagram likes for like

Today I will show you the guide to get free Instagram likes. You will get like for likes. Also you can get Facebook followers, Instagram followers, twitter followers, retweets and fan page likes. You don’t have to waste single dollar.  No credit card required. So simply follow the guide and be a facebook hero to your friends.

Here, I listed few method to get Instagram likes and followers.

  1. Like for likes
  2. Through android and IOS apps
  3. Through websites

Like for likes method

In this method you want to earn points. You can spend those earned points to get Facebook followers, Instagram followers, twitter followers, retweets and fb fan page likes and Instagram likes and followers. Now is the doubt “How to earn points”. Ok I will explain how to do that. For genuine likes, just crate a fake instagram or twitter or facebook account. Then go to website like truffup (I used truffup website for this tutorial).

free Instagram likes

Step 1 Create truffup free account

Go to :  and Sign up using Your name, Email address and Enter a password. Then enter the enter image code on the required field. Click create account.

free Instagram likes for life times free

Step 2 Signup Conformation

Now you will receive an email from truffup. Go to your Email inbox and confirm the link by click it.

Step 3 Login to truffup account

Enter the email, password and Image code then login.

Step 4 Earn points

When you sign up to your account you will get free 100 points. You can earn points via visiting websites, liking instagram post fb pages, following twitter users and etc.

Step 5 Step your instagram account on truffup

Click Instagram tab and add your instagram user name (Once you done you cannot change your ID again, but you can change your user name)

Step 6 Allow your instagram account to like and follow others

get likes for like instagram

Make Profile status visible. Add Points per follow 30-50. Now you done.


You cannot transfer points from one section to another. Mean You earn points by liking facebook post then you only can spend those points to get likes only facebook purpose.

Through android and IOS apps

like for likes instagram happy family

Turbo likes for instagram is a popular trusted android app to get free instagram likes and followers.

Step 1 Download the app to your device and install it get free Instagram likes and video views get free Instagram followers

Step 2 Earn points

View others photos and Like them to get free Coins

Step 3 Spend points

Spend Coins to get Likes from other users

Through websites

Like4like is a best for this. You can simply visit and start getting likes. No registration needed.

Step 1

Go to and signin with instagram.

Step 2

Like others post and view videos

Step 3

You will automatically get likes as you like others post. You will start getting likes for every like you gave.

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