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Before we start the tutorial we must know about and

What is is free blogging platform. Alternative to blogger blogspot. When someone use platform they cannot add custom domain name for free.

What is is absolutely free (yes). But, if you want to make your blog on platform., then you want hosting services for store your blog files such as images, articles, videos and etc. The plus point is you own your blog overall 100%. You can do anything with that. Something like advertising, selling our blog and more. That is called s self-hosted blog.

Now is the time to start our tutorial about how to make a self-hosted wordpress blog. (Paid blog-Recommended)

Finally you decided to create self-hosted WordPress blog. I will show you step-by-step guide for creating a self-hosted WordPress blog.


First thing you want to buy a domain name and hosting. Domain name is a name for your blog ( hosting is storage for your website file. Many hosting services featured free domain name for one year or until use the hosting. You can search Google or read our review about hosting for buy good service.

Second step is setup DNS servers. In this process is site to site different but basically same. Are you confused? Ok let’s see. If you buy a hosting service some of the services featured a free domain name than you don’t worry about this step. Because already done automatically. If you buy domain and hosting different places so now you cannot skip this step whatever this step take less than 5 minutes.

Once you setup DNS servers you can install WordPress manually or automatically (One click installation). After you are done with this step go to Type your user name and password then login to your wordpress admin panel.

Now time to talk about WordPress template.

There are so many free and paid templates available on the internet. You can download and install whatever you want. But I recommend using paid premium template. Because of the support offered. The reason is wordpress every few months update its software. That mean your current template may not be fully compatible any more. If you are using a premium template support offered. The template support team updates your premium template also. You don’t have to worry about wordpress updates.

Step to install template. Go to your wordpress admin panel and click appearance. Then select theme and add new. If you wish to use free one you can choose from there on the right side or upload manually from your computer. For more about this read our article about how to install wordpress theme 2 ways.
After done installing theme you must make some changes on your wordpress blog.

Delete sample pages and posts

First this delete sample posts
(Go to dashboard ->posts ->all posts -> delete hello world post), after that delete sample pages (Go to dashboard -> pages -> all pages ->delete sample pages)

WordPress permalinks:

This change help to get higher search engine rank for your posts. Go to settings -> permalinks -> choose post name and save.

Now start posting. Wait, before start to create posts learn about some important plug-in, some of plug-in help to customize your blog, some of plug-in help to search engine optimizing. Useful plug-ins listed below are the ones that I use.

  • Akismet (Recommend)
  • Click to tweet (Recommend)
  • Comment not replied to
  • Wp forms (Recommend)
  • Jetpack by wordpress (Recommend)
  • Wp link status plug-in (Recommend)
  • Cloud flare plugin (Recommend)
  • Seo friendly image
  • Q2w3 fixed widget
  • Redirection last update
  • Seo smart link business
  • Vaultpress
  • Shortpixel (Recommend)
  • Yoast seo (Recommend)

Now you successfully did basic setup setting to your blog. Now start creating posts. After that I will show you how to do Search engine optimizing. Don’t forget to share this useful article with your friends.

How to Create self-hosted wordpress blog
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